Friday, October 21, 2011

Who Am I?

I am a proud mother of my daughter, Victoria. I am a loving and occasionally bitchy wife of my husband, Vicente. They are my inspiration, motivation, and I become a better person because of who they are to me.

Before creating my family, I was an avid yoga practitioner. Like most who begin, I went with a friend to try it out. That was in 2000. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had where I felt empowered, challenged, frustrated, loving, coping, and triumphant all at the same time. Empowerment came first and last, when I made it to - and through - the first class (as well as several thereafter).  Despite what I knew I was capable of, when I couldn't perform certain asanas (poses), I had to cope through feeling challenged (incapable) and frustrated (how come I can't do that pose?!). But through it all, I fell in love with yoga.  It's funny to combine all those feelings in one such experience, but the second and third closest times I can also say I've had those feelings are in my marriage and as a mom. In 2006, I completed my first 200-hour teacher training program for yoga instruction to strengthen my own practice and to be able to share the gift of yoga with others.

You might ask, "what did she mean when she said, 'despite what I knew I was capable of'?" Well... growing up, I was athletic. I played soccer since I was five, as well as basketball, softball, volleyball, intramural sports in college, and running. I also snowboarded quite a bit in my 20's and early 30's. I attribute my popping shoulder (injured rotator cuff), tight hips, and mostly athletic build to these days. I thank yoga for giving me the strength to stretch it all back out and feel great again... physically, emotionally, and mentally.

In 2003, a friend of mine and I signed up for a personal effectiveness and leadership development training.  What is this? Imagine a boot camp in building your emotional intelligence and figuring out a way to support others in tuning up theirs as well. I worked with world renown coaches to celebrities, billionaires, and top-performing company executives and learned new skills that enabled me to become a life coach for others. The whole experience is among the top 5 in my life (right next to marriage, being a mom, and yoga - the other one is travel, and I've been to 17 countries so far).

I met my husband in 2005. We were both on vacation learning how to scuba dive for the first time in our lives. Before I jumped into the ocean on my first dive, all I could think about to calm my nerves was my yoga breath.  The same experience happened on our first several dates. And then when he came to visit me from his home country for a month.  And again when he moved so we could be together.  And again when we moved to Asia.  And again when we traveled back to meet his family.  And again when we got married.  And again when we gave birth to our daughter.  The only time I distinctly held my breath was when they told me to push during the labor process.  At that point, I just had to remind myself of my personal mantra (also learned thanks to yoga and life coaching).

So here we are, in this moment. I am combining my skills as a life coach and yoga instructor to support moms to be and current moms in embracing who they are as they experience the changes through their pregnancy and beyond. As a life coach, we create a personal success plan together on what being a mommy means, what being a family means, and how to authentically be who they are for themselves and others. (Think: not the mom, not even the woman you are... but who is underneath all of that? who are you, and what are you about?) As a yoga instructor, I offer fitness, fun, and a way to de-stress pregnancy and life worries away by bringing everything back to focus on what matters most in this moment: you.

I currently live in Las Vegas and you'll find me often vacationing in Southern California and visiting friends. If you are looking for (or know someone who is looking for) a yoga instructor, life coach, or both, I'd love to find out how I can be in service! Please contact me at